Catering by Coco's | Our History
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Our History

My parents first restaurant is still going strong after 47 years (new owners now).


My Uncle Mike with the Band NRBQ at his Schenectady, NY Restaurant.  Funny thing is Al and Joey lived in Nashville for a while, and I’ve seen Joey at our sister restaurant Café Coco.  The first time I saw NRBQ they opened for George Thurgood at Rennselear Polly tech Institute in Troy, NY.


My Grandfather Silvio Cinelli was a Barber by trade and when a vacancy opened next to his shop he opened and ran a pizza place with my Aunt Sibby and Grandmother.  The rug goes up the wall for an uptown sophisticated feel. The fountain is a nice touch.


There was a deli inside where my brother and I sliced meat for a few years.  It was fun because we were at the age where we could hire our school friends to work there with us. My parents last business was a market in Rotterdam, NY late 1970’s – 1985


Today The Italian Market has been remodeled and enlarged, you’ll find new products, new foods and a renewed commitment to bring you the fabulous and unique culture of Italy.  If you have never been to an Italian market come experience a bit of culinary history and enjoy foods that other parts of this country and world take for granted.


If you, like me, are familiar with an Italian community then we aim to bring relief to those who miss their home and neighborhoods, to sooth those cravings you’ve had since your last good Italian meal, (no doubt outside of Nashville) and to calm you in knowing that we are here to serve you like no other local Italian restaurant can.


Our dining area is a bit fancier than an employee break-room but the foods are as authentic and reasonably priced. The seating area is in a stone-walled Tuscan farmhouse motif. The retro furniture and avant garde sconces light a cozy-romantic setting that is still ideal for the whole family or a quick lunch.


If you are coming for dinner you’ll see that our restaurant can be fun and interactive. Between courses get up and visit the market section, taste a sample of cheese or salami.  We hope to inspire you to pick up provisions for the next Italian meal you cook at home, if you don’t cook Italian you are always welcome to order takeout or grab a pre-packed meal to-go.